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R&D Department

Our R&D Department is maintained by experience engineering team to provide full technical service.

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     Duty includes several aspects as below:
  1. To provide the total solution in design and components selection.
  2. To support the clients for trouble Shooting.
  3. To develop the innovation product with customer.

To provide the total solution

Our company has a project team mainly to sever the clients to provide the total solution even they face the technical and development problem.

To support the clients for trouble shooting

Sometimes our customer have some production problems during manufacturing. Either the problem caused by components or manufacturing procedures. Our enquiry team will take immediately action in order to help our clients for trouble shooting and find out the solution.

To develop the innovative product

Our R&D development not only to investigate the existing product, but also will develop the innovative product.

Q.C Department

Our company concern to sell quality items to our customer, we do have a responsible for incoming goods inspection and handle all goods return and replacement.

Our Q.C Department duty has several aspects as below:

  1. Incoming quality inspection under military standard 105E
  2. Failure goods analysis
  3. Q.C Report issuing
  4. Return goods inspections
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Quality Program

Solarbrite's quality program is a conscious and formalized effort to improve quality and service in all aspects of Solarbrite's businesses. Arrow Quest is a systematic, company-wide approach to continuous quality improvement resulting in total customer satisfaction. Solarbrite Quest is viewed as a continuum -- a dynamic combination of elements designed to meet the constantly changing needs of each customer. These elements include leadership, total employee participation, customer-driven quality, management by fact, and continuous improvement. At the center of the quality continuum is Solarbrite's ultimate objective: total customer satisfaction, as defined by the customer.

Solarbrite Quest is all encompassing; it drives every Solarbrite employee. Solarbrite employees are trained to analyze and take "ownership" of the process, thus becoming directly responsible for the quality of the work. Solarbrite Quest reaches into the sales, marketing, and administrative areas of the company, as well as the distribution and value-added areas. Superior quality and service permeate what everyone does -- from top management down through every person in the organization. Quality is everybody's responsibility at Solarbrite.

Component inspection

Our Q.C Department responsibility is to check the incoming goods in order to make sure the goods quality is well. They are not only to check the component quality , but they can guarantee the component work satisfy.

In order to all outgoing components up to quality level, we have different equipment for quality and reliability test.

There has a part of equipment of Q.C Department

  1. Sigmotek International Corporation Quartz Watch Analyzer (model:QWA-3A/QWA-5)
  2. BSE 7808/50704 Final Tester with Sound BoxQC2.jpg (6744 bytes)
  3. Topward Function Generator 8118
  4. Hitachi V-252 Oscilloscope
  5. Yamada 2CH AC Voltmeter
  6. Yamada Audio Generator
  7. Manson MPA-1805 DC Power Supply
  8. TES 2360 LCR Multimeter
  9. EFC 3203 Frequency Counter
  10. Hewlett Packard 4262A LCR Meter

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