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Tailored Solution

Solutions, because our role at Solarbrite is to help you solve your business problems. Tailored, because we assemble from our processes, services and tools, a unique solution to meet your specific needs. We have classified our capabilities into the following categories to help you understand the extent of our offerings. Jointly, we can put the pieces together to construct the best solution for you.

Order Management Services

In concept, the goal of materials/purchasing professionals is simple: have the right parts available when needed, at the right price, and with the desired level of quality. However, predicting which parts are the right ones and exactly when they are needed are increasingly complex challenges in today's electronics environment. Materials/Purchasing professionals must establish the required pipeline of parts so that they arrive just as needed to minimize inventory. In addition, these professionals are also expected to accommodate changing demand patterns in an unpredictable market, scrambling to get more parts sooner when demand increases, and pushing out deliveries or canceling orders when demand softens. Common challenges faced by these professionals daily include:

  • Frequent delivery rescheduling/order cancellation
  • Part shortages/expedites
  • Inventory builds
  • Excessive/unnecessary transactions
  • Searching for alternative sources
  • Manufacturing line shutdowns
  • New product time-to-market delays
  • Excessive production cycle times
  • Part obsolescence

Solarbrite is an expert in dealing with these challenges. By working with Solarbrite, you can get these challenges under control while reducing your costs, reducing product time to market, increasing your production flexibility, and off-loading your internal resources to handle more strategic activities. We use the building blocks outlined below to tailor a solution unique to your needs


In order to provide extensive service to customers, our experienced engineering team provides full technical support for solving all the relative technical problems. In Particular to ensure the quality of all outgoing delivery is tightly with the best quality controlled.

For matching the development of MCU and ASIC projects, our experienced engineering team could analyze and study client's solution, suggest new idea, improvements and cost reduction on the project. Also the engineering team always keeps up-to-date information in the market and develop new technology to prepare for the next generation.

  1. Work with customers in order to provide the optimum solution.
  2. Team spirit.
  3. Realize customer needs.
  1. Russia - Low cost high volume
  2. Taiwan - Quality high volume

Our company used the famous body to develop projects such as Myson, Sunplus, Samsung and so on.

We do experience to do with following item.

For Watch application, we have done some projects involve in Analog and Digital Clock, Calo Watch, Heart beat Watch, Telephone Memo Watch, Temperature Watch, calendar Watch...etc.

For Toys application, the projects involve in Voice IC, Classical Train, Infra-red remote control...etc.

For Calculator application, the projects involve in Standard Calculator, Two Row currency calculator...etc.

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